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As a reminder, we require a valid OHIP card to provide medical services (including flu shots). During COVID-19, expired health cards are still valid. However, invalid health cards (whether expired or not) will not work. If our system states that your card is invalid (reported Lost, Damaged, Cancelled, Voided, or Stolen), you will need to contact Service Ontario at 1-800-664-8988. If your address/name hasn't changed, you may be able to obtain a new health card over the phone. Please ask for the 2 updated letters and provide that info to us (it may take weeks for your card to be mailed to you).  

If you have an upcoming appointment and cannot provide updated information, you will be asked to place a $75 deposit for the visit (this will be 100% refunded once you can provide proof of valid coverage from OHIP).

Want more information? Contact us, we are here to help.   

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