Patient FAQs

New Patient

Where are the clinics located? How do I get there?

  • 2240 Lake Shore Boulevard W Unit 107, Toronto ON M8V 0B1

    • Major intersection is Lakeshore Blvd W and Parklawn Rd​

  • 605 Royal York Rd, Toronto ON M8Y 4G5​

    • Major Intersection: Royal York Rd and the Queensway​


How do I sign up for a new family doctor?/What are the benefits of getting a family doctor?

  • What is rostering: When patients register with a family practice, family physician, or team. It allows patients to connect with an ongoing relationship with a family physician for continuous medical care. 

  • Benefits: In contrast to a “fee for service” model, family physicians in a Family Health Organization are compensated to take care of you even when you are not here for an official appointment! A rostered patient is more formally linked to their family doctor and/or team for greater continuity of care. We have easier access to the information needed for referrals to other specialists and health services. This also facilitates more effective preventative and chronic disease care.

  • Commitment from the patients:  Avoidance of using walk-in clinics i.e. contact us first


What languages are spoken?

All care provided at Citrus Medical is provided only in English. If a patient does not speak English, and already has a family doctor/clinic that they are able to communicate well with in another language, we strongly recommend that he or she not transfer to Citrus Medical - our view is that communication is an integral part of family medicine. 


If a patient with limited English ability wishes to register with Citrus Medical, please be aware that a delegate/translator may be required to help facilitate booking appointments, online correspondence, and in-person appointments. Please indicate what language(s) the patient does speak fluently when registering so that we can attempt to pair such patients with an appropriate physician. Click here to learn more about our doctors currently accepting new patients and how to register


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