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Prenatal Care & Newborns



We have family physicians who practice low risk obstetrics at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. For more information, click here 

Our physicians can also provide prenatal care and/or referrals to Obstetricians. Book an appointment here 



Before you leave the hospital, you will receive discharge papers and information on the first check-up, which is usually within 2-3 days of leaving the hospital. 

Please note we require at least one parent to be a current patient of Citrus to register your newborn baby with one of our physicians. Click here to check availability for a new family doctor.

If you already have one parent rostered, that family physician will automatically accept your newborn into their practice.


How to Register Newborn with Citrus:

Submit the discharge papers through our Contact Form and provide the following information below.

  • Full name of Parent + name of Citrus Family doctor

  • Full name (First + Last) of baby

  • Date of Birth 

  • Sex

  • Health Card Number 

  • Preferred phone number, email address, and mailing address 

  • Next of Kin/emergency contact 

We will contact you in regards to getting your newborn booked for their initial visit! 


We do not have any pediatricians accepting new patients at this time. However, your family doctor at Citrus can take on your newborn baby for primary care. For further details on how to add your baby to your family doctor's practice, please see above.

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