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OHIP & Uninsured Services

Do I need OHIP coverage? What if I am covered by another health plan?

  • A valid OHIP card is required to see a doctor at Citrus Medical. 

  • We accept Provincial health cards from all provinces except Quebec.

  • We accept patients with refugee status IFH coverage via Blue Cross.

  • All other plans would require that the patient pay for the services up front and submit receipts to their personal health plan.

ohip required

Can I still have an appointment if my OHIP card is expired? 

Please ensure your OHIP coverage is up-to-date prior to booking any appointments with your family physician. The ministry has ended the extended expiry date during COVID-19, so expired health cards are still valid until February 28, 2022. If your OHIP is expired or due to expire soon, you can visit the Service Ontario website to renew your OHIP card online, or visit your nearest Service Ontario location. There are 2 locations close to the clinic at Queensway/Kipling or at Cloverdale Mall.


If you have an upcoming appointment and cannot provide the updated information, you will be asked to place a $75.00 deposit for the visit. This fee will be 100% refunded once you can provide proof of valid coverage from OHIP within 3 months of the appointment. Please complete the reimbursement form found here


What if my OHIP card is invalid (Lost, Damaged, Cancelled, Voided, or Stolen)?

If your card has been reported Lost, Damaged, Cancelled, Voided, or Stolen, you will need to contact Service Ontario at

1-800-664-8988. If your address/name has not changed, you may be able to obtain a new health card over the phone.

Please ask for the 2 updated letters and provide that information to us.


This fee will be 100% refunded once you can provide proof of valid coverage from OHIP within 3 months of the appointment. Please complete the reimbursement form found here.

request reimbursement

How do I request reimbursement?

The deposits for expired or invalid health cards can be reimbursed if you bring in a valid health card along with the original receipt within 3 months of the appointment. Please note the health card must be valid for the date of the clinic visit. If you return with a valid health card but the start date of coverage is after the date of the doctor’s appointment, we unfortunately cannot return the deposit. When you are renewing your OHIP coverage, please ensure the health card will be validated with a back date including the date of your appointment.

Reporting Updated Information

If you have updated OHIP coverage, please email in the updated information to or contact us at 416-800-6500 ext 1.


Are there services not covered by OHIP?

As many of you may already know, OHIP does not pay for all services that you request from your doctor. These are called “non-insured or uninsured services” and it is illegal and fraudulent for doctors to bill OHIP for them. In order to maintain the financial viability of our practice and ensure prompt service, it is necessary for our practice to charge for these services.

See below a list of common services not covered by OHIP:


Doctors Note  - for absence or return to work                                                  

______________________________________________________________________________________Forms – Most forms are not covered by OHIP. We ask that you submit your

form prior to your appointment so that the doctor can review the form

in advance. Please see here for more information (include link to Form page).          ______________________________________________________________________________________TB Test – not covered unless requested by Public Health or needed for School

______________________________________________________________________________________Wart/Liquid Nitrogen Treatment - OHIP coverage only for feet and

genital warts.     

______________________________________________________________________________________Mole and Skin Tag Removals - not covered unless the physician requests to

send in the mole for cancer testing     

______________________________________________________________________________________Ear Syringe - Not medically necessary (determined by physician)

______________________________________________________________________________________Missed Appointments

______________________________________________________________________________________Chart Transfer - Please have the requesting physician’s office fax the request

to us (416-342-1790).                 



$ 20.00


Dependent on type of Form. The doctor will provide the exact fee after we receive the form.


$25.00 for injection + $25.00 for reading


Discuss with MD


Discuss with MD


$ 25.00


$45.20 for Family Physician 

$158.20 for Specialist


$35.00 for first 20 pages + $0.25 per page after + HST


Lab Tests - Unfortunately the doctors and staff are not familiar with all the tests that are not covered by OHIP or the cost of the tests. Please inquire with the lab of your choice for pricing.

Want more information? Contact us, we are here to help.   

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