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Appointment Scheduling
(Family Practice)

How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

  • If you have scheduled an appointment through the online portal, please cancel and re-book the appointment directly from the portal. 

  • Otherwise, please contact us at 416-800-6500 or send ONE email to with “cancel appointment” as the subject along with your full name and date of appointment. 

We require at least 24 hours notice for any cancellation requests for family doctor appointments. Without this notice, there will be a $45.20 fee ($40 + hst) that will need to be settled prior to booking further appointments. 


How do I change my online scheduling password or email address?

  • To access or change your online account preferences, login to your account, click your name on the top right corner, and select “My Account”. This will allow you to edit and change any account preferences required! 

  • If you are having any technical difficulties, please contact technical support, or you can send us an email with a screenshot of your error message.

change details

Why can’t I schedule multiple appointments on the same day?

  • While it is often more convenient to schedule multiple appointments on the same day, we kindly ask that patients only schedule one appointment per day

  • This is mainly to ensure that doctors are able to balance the needs of their entire patient population. Enabling one patient to schedule multiple appointments on a single day reduces the chance of another patient with urgent matters, including yourself, to get seen in a timely manner. 

  • There are also government billing restrictions as a method of fraud prevention. In most cases, physicians are not allowed to bill for multiple visits with a single patient on a single day.

multiple appts

Why can't I discuss multiple medical issues at one appointment?

  • Appointment times are approximated based on the reason for the visit. This allows doctors to effectively manage their time between appointments to meet the needs of all their patients. Addressing multiple concerns in one appointment slot may not be possible, and it would be unfair to reduce the appointment time of the next scheduled patient. To ensure urgent matters are treated in a timely manner, we ask patients to please schedule one appointment for each medical issue. 

  • Let your doctor know that you have additional concerns to discuss during your appointment, but please note they may ask you to schedule an additional appointment at a later date to address your other concerns.


appt schedul. specialist

How do I schedule an appointment with a Citrus specialist?

Please have your family doctor fax over a referral to 416-342-1790 addressed to the specialist you hope to see. A member from our specialist staff will reach out to you once we have processed your referral. 

You can always send us an email at or give us a call at 416-800-6500 ext 5 to follow up on the status of your referral. 

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment with a Citrus specialist?

Please give us a call at 416-800-6500 ext 5 to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can also send us an email at with “cancel appointment” as the subject along with your full name and date of appointment. Please note that we require a 24 hour notice prior to cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. Failure to do will result in a missed medical appointment or late cancellation fee of $140 + HST

cancel/reschedule spec.

My doctor referred me to a specialist, how do I schedule an appointment?

  • Once your doctor has made a referral, they will send you the contact information for the specialist, or you can request to have this information forwarded to you. Please send one email with this request to

  • Specialists will contact you directly to schedule an appointment. If you do not hear from the referred specialist office after 2 weeks, please contact their office directly to follow up with booking an appointment. 

  • If we receive any updates from your specialist about your referral, we will notify you, including booked appointments or declined referrals.

external referral

How can I schedule or reschedule my appointment?

Please contact the specialist office directly to reschedule or cancel your specialist appointments. We do not book these appointments so we would be unable to change them for you.

Want more information? Contact us, we are here to help.   

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