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Uninsured Services

(Non-OHIP Covered)

OHIP does not cover all services that you request from your doctor. See below a list of common services:




Chart Transfer


Requires signed consent form. Click here for more info.

Missed Appointments

$45.20 - $158.20

$40+HST for Family/Walk-In vs. $140+HST for Specialist

Doctor's Note


For absence or return to work.

TB Test

$25.00 Inj + $25.00 Read

OHIP covered if requested by Public Health or for school.

Wart/Liquid Nitrogen

$20.00 per Lesion

OHIP coverage only for feet and genital warts.

Mole/Skin Tag Removal

Discuss with MD

Not covered unless physician requested for cancer testing.

Ear Syringe


When not medically necessary.

Lab Tests - Unfortunately the doctors and staff are not familiar with all the tests that are not covered by OHIP or the cost of the tests. Please inquire with the lab of your choice for pricing.

Want more information? Contact us, we are here to help.   

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